Classic Amplification is a small custom-shop style business located in Sammamish Washington (USA). We do custom work on guitars, tube amps, effects, studio equipment, and build custom amps, effects, pickups, and do pickup rewinding and repairs.

I started back in 1978 doing electronic servicing for professional musicians and have developed over the years into the custom-shop style business we are today.

The majority of my work is one-off and limited-run production jobs, Classic Amplification currently doesn't mass-produce anything and all work is performed on a custom-order basis.

- Brad Burt     


Just for fun, here's a picture of the very first custom job I did back in 1978 on my own guitar, a Gibson SG that I gig'ed with until 1987:

(yep, that's me ...a long time ago)

The wine red Gibson SG was purchased new in 1978, it had a fairly uncommon Ebony fingerboard and the small square position markers, no binding.

The stock pickups were those awfull epoxy potted humbucker (horrible tone) pickups, they got removed right away and replaced with DiMarzio "Dual-Sound" which were the thing to have back then, the wiring was Phase switch on Bridge PU, Series-Parallel-Coils on both, and Series-Parallel-Pickups which was my first spin on getting a sound nobody had back then.


A few of my other interests...

1967 SS 350 Camaro, 290 Cam, 4:56 Posi, and 4 speed M21 Muncy
(best 1/4 mile time was 12 seconds at Bremerton Raceway)


1965 Mustang, stock 289, was my daily driver for years.


Finally, my favorite interest and pastime is hanging out with my lovely wife Anne...



Christmas 2010


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