Amplifier Services

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  • Modifications
  • De-modifications
  • Restorations
  • Repairs
  • Re-tube
  • Bias set/check
  • Re-Tolex
  • all work on tube amps

Classic Amplification Custom Amps

email for info on custom Classic HeadsTM, and Classic Combo'sTM


Some head cabs with blank chassis awaiting the customers decisions (front panel options):





Amp Work


Teisco Clubmate-15

This is an early 1970's Teisco Clubmate-15 amplifier, it's a very cool tube combo amp that needed some repair. This amp came across my bench after a 12AU7 shorted out and brought down the whole power supply, fortunately the PT was ok. I replaced a few diodes, resistors, the power/stby switch and of course the bad 12AU7.



Silvertone 1484

This is a 1964 Sears Silvertone model 1484 amplifier original design by Danelectro that was sold by Sears in the 60's.

This amp came across my bench as completely dead, most of the carbon comp resistors were open cicuit, all the red paper electolytic caps were dead, nothing but the Chassis and the Iron were salvagable.

Since the owner had one of these back in the 70's and got this one really cheap off eBay he wanted it mod'ed. He wanted the power supply brought up to date (grounded 3-prong IEC mains connector etc.) and since he didn't care for Tremolo I asked if I could rewire that tube to into an overdrive channel. The Reverb was also extremely horrible, the tank (not a spring type) was some kind of a funky piezo element reverb which was fubar and couldn't keep from microphonic feedback at any decent playing volume, so I was asked to rewire it for a TRS effects send/return loop which I did. This entire amp chassis contains new metal film resistors, new power supply caps and polypropylene coupling and tone stack caps.

The Reverb depth knob acts as an effects return mix, the old Tremolo depth knob is now a "Presence" ctrl (ala Marshall) and the Tremolo Speed ctrl is now a Master Volume for the amp. I set it up to run 6V6 power tubes instead of the original 6L6's because the owner wanted to run it at cranked volume levels to get more power tube breakup in his tone. The 2nd channel is still stock sweet pure SIlvertone clean sound.

(Note: the stick-on labels are temporary until the owner gets used to the functions)



Marshall JMP 2204

This is a mid 70's Marshall JMP 50w 2204 head that came across my bench for a pre-sale inspection
and later for "blueprinting". A fine specimen of it's era with minimal alterations.



Mesa Engineering - Dual Rectifier

A 3-Channel "SOLO HEAD", I really like the way Mesa'a are built, very, very fine attention to detail all around. This particular amp suffered from a couple shorted 6L6GC output tubes that brought-down one of the 5U4GB rectifier tubes. It also needed a fuse holder replaced.



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