Guitar Services

Shield instrument control cavity - copper foil or shielding paint
(includes cost of material)
$75.00 USD
Install, Replace, or Repair wiring and/or controls
(plus cost of required parts)
$75.00 USD
Install and wire pickups
(plus cost of required parts)
$75.00 USD
Fret dressing and re-crowning $90 USD
Re-fret neck, dress and re-crown frets on un-coated neck $150.00 USD
Re-fret neck, dress and re-crown frets re-spray clear coat      
(Fender® style maple necks)
$200.00 USD


Shielding control cavities




Installing a push-pull mod on a Les Paul®

Note: the excess loop of pickup wire was left on at the time of this picture because these pickups
were being tested. Wire length was trimmed properly upon installation of the final set of pickups.




Custom headstock decals

This picture shows a decal laying on the headstock of a Warmoth® neck, it is not applied onto it or affixed/attached to it in any way, it's just laying on top of it to show the possibilities of custom decals.

Top:       Warmoth neck with custom decal, routed for a Floyd-R2 nut
Bottom:   Fender MIM 60's Stratocaster neck                                

Note: we do not apply repro Fender® decals to non-Fender® guitars.





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