Humbucking Pickups 


Classic Humbuckers

Classic Amplification takes a different approach than most pickup winders, we refrain from having a menu system or naming our pickups to reflect a particular genra, artists, or venue. Our approach is to wind pickups to suit the customer's need. When you order a pickup from us we communicate with you before we wind a single turn of wire. To define your desired tone and spec's, the instrument's character, the gear used, in this way we can get you closer to your target tone.

Because the needs of all players vary (a lot) in their styles, picking attack, guitar electronics and other equipment, there is just no such thing as "one size fits all" in the tone business, so...

All Classic humbucker pickups can be wound with matched or offset coils, sets can be purchased in balanced (equally wound) or calibrated (bridge hotter). and voiceing can be adjusted to suit your style. No extra charge for 4-conductor lead wire for coil or phase switching applications.
(must specify wire type at time of order)


  • Vintage Bone (as shown above)
  • White
  • Black
  • Black/White (aka; Zebra)


  • Alnico 2, 3, 4, 5, or 8
  • Ceramic

Lead Wire:

  • 2-Conductor vintage style
    (braided shield)
  • 4-conductor lead wire
    (coil and phase spliting)

String spacing:

  • 49.2mm (vintage)
  • 50mm (modern)
  • 53mm (Trem-spacing)

Pole screws/slugs:

  • Nickel finish
  • Gold finish

Pickup Covers (+$12.00 each)

  • Nickel finished nickel-silver
  • Gold finish nickel-silver

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Classic PickupsTM installed in a classic Gibson®


Download our wiring color-code sheet here:

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