Pickup Re-winding Service


Please email to discuss re-winding your pickups


Pickups can be rewound if the bobbins are still rigid and core assembly intact. Rewinds are in the gauge and winding pattern appropriate to the pickup type unless you specify otherwise.

  • Rick Button-top rewind   $55.00 USD
  • Rick Toaster rewind   $65.00 USD
  • Rick 4001/4003 (bridge) rewind   $70.00 USD  (Horse-shoe's $85.00USD)
  • Standard Humbucker rewind   $85.00 USD
  • Strat/Tele single-coil rewind   $55.00 USD
  • P-90 rewind   $65.00 USD
  • P-Bass rewind   $85.00 USD
  • J-Bass rewind   $55.00 USD
  • All other pickups, please send me an email for a quote

  • Plus Shipping (and insurance if so desired), USA shipping $6.00, International $14.00

Normally the rewind process happens in this way, you send us your pickup(s), we discuss your specific need by email or telephone, when your pickup(s) are finished and ready to ship back to you we will send you a Paypal invoice requesting your payment funds which will include the cost of shipping.

Note: rewinding prices include wire and labor, repairs to damaged pickup cores will carry an additional charge for parts required, please email if you have special needs restoring a structurally distressed/damaged pickup.

(symetric humbucker)

(4001-Neck pickup)

(Strat pickup)






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