Classic Vibe CV-2TM
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Classic Vibe CV-2TM

Our Classic Vibe CV-2TM is for those who want and need the very best true vintage tone in a small footprint vibe. The Classic Vibe CV-2TM is a small footprint pedal board (space) friendly box shown below next to a standard BOSS pedal for size reference.


Shown next to BOSS pedal for size reference


All analog true vintage circuit with no additional circuitry added and absolutely no digital circuitry in the signal chain. Simply the best raw vintage-correct vibe sound and tone using the correct all analog 13 transistor audio path, Lamp-Photocell driven, and functions just as a vintage unit does when the CANCEL switch is engaged (kills the internal lamp) so your instrument's signal still runs though the vibe's preamp just as it does in a genuine vintage uni-vibe which is essential to getting that vintage tone.






CV-2 circuit board, all transistor, vintage correct





How do we know our Vibe-Baby CV-2TM pedals sound right? listening, and tuning, each one against known good samples, there is just no substitute for doing actual listening tests to ensure sound quality.

(the Vibe-Baby shown is a pre-2013 black pedal version)


Click/Tap here to see several of the
vintage uni-vibe's I've worked on





The Bulb/LDR combination we use has been selected to sound right, we're not interested in the "looks" of LDRs, or if they they look like or "resemble" vintage photocells, here at Classic Amplification it's all about the sound, 'nuff said.

I have personally tested and auditioned several dozens of LDR types from several manufacturers over the years critically comparing them to several examples of (real) vintage Uni-Vibe photocells and have settled on two types we mainly use for our Vibe-Baby CV-2TM and Classic VibeTM pedals because they sound right.

Lamp & Photocells

We have found there is absolutely no difference in sound between hermetically sealed vs normal LDR's, that whole "thing" is just a bunch of BS perpetuated by vibe builders who would like you to believe in such things.


Please check the F.A.Q. page
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How a vibe is powered makes all the difference in the world, not only for the best sound but for noise free operation as well. It is very important to use an "isolated" power unit for best operation, and it is also very important to not "share" the power port/channel with any other devices. Remember that a proper "vintage circuit" (uni-vibe replica) runs on a totally different internal power requirement than most modern pedals.

Our Classic Vibe CV-2TM and Vibe-Baby CV-2TM our pedals are tested during the build process and the post-build tuning process with a standard 18v/300mA linear un-regulated power pack (wall-wart) as this is our recommended power method.


For those with pedalboard power units which do not supply the required 18v/300mA we can supply an external 9v-18v power Booster-Box ($25.00) that can be used on a power channel on many pedalboard power units of 9v/400mA at an additional cost.

$25.00 (+shipping)


When the 9v-to-18v booster box is ordered along with our vibes we do a courtesy test on our own Voodoo Lab PP2+ and a Decibel Eleven Hot Stone Deluxe to ensure they work because not all PP2 and PP2+ will work correctly and we dont know why so we cant do anything but check it on our own units.


A list of additional isolated power units that
may work for you can be found here:
Isolated Power Unit List




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