August 17th 2012


On August 17th 2012 we spend the afternoon with Dustin Sears at the Neptune Theatre in Seattle as he was doing tech support with Eric Johnson's tour, Dustin and I were doing some Vibe business that day and he kindly invited us to attend.


The following are some pictures on that hot August day...


Brad                             Dustin



EJ trying out a Coronado he just got for his birthday

"a bit more, around 3k"



EJ and company doing the soundcheck

Anne listening to them rip-it-up

               Brad & Anne Burt                                          Eric Johnson

Bill at work backstage re-stringing EJ's 50's Strat


Close-up of the sweet-'ol-thang

I was surprised at how light this sweet-'ol-thang was

I would have loved to play a few notes on his Strat through my Vibe-Baby and his amp rig... [sigh].
(and recorded a sound clip!)

My vintage sweetie with EJ's sweeeet vintage gear

EJ's effects board

(in the voice of Maxwell Smart) "Aha!...the old Tube-Driver and Echoplex trick!"




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