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Buy a Forum-VibeTM PCB

My Forum-Vibe FV-5 PCB is available for purchase here

These boards are professionally manufactured by a PCB house, they are ready-to-solder, double sided, with part locations silk screened on the top and the division betwen the LFO and Audio path sections silk screened on bottom for easier troubleshooting

Please understand that using these web pages and/or
purchasing a DIY circuit board does not imply, or come
with personal tech support, or email question support.
I have provided enough information on these web pages
you can be successful with your build, but if not you
should go to the forums for help. I cannot answer email
build, mod, or troubleshooting questions.


Continental US, AK, HI, and APO
International Orders:  
Except orders from Italy, see below**


** With appologies to our good friends and customers in Italy, please understand we have experienced very much trouble with parcels missing via the Italian Postal Service and since we cannot guarantee they will deliver your parcel you must bear this responsibity yourself. We will not send another PCB as replacement if lost in delivery.

To ensure we have no problems via PayPal, all Italian orders must be paid via PayPal as a "gift", if you use the buy-now buttons on this webpage we must refund your payment and cancel the order.   Send an email if you have any questions.



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