August 2018



Ordering via Email

   I'm now taking orders via email so I can have better control over my work queue, time, and scheduling. Please send me an email if you want to order anything.



New Vibe Pedal
Build Schedule

   For vibe pedal orders, twice a month (2x) we will be doing a build/run and so taking vibe pedal orders for them. They will be around the first of the month and again mid month. These two build/run windows will be filled with vibe orders called "build slots".
(this does not apply to pickup orders)

   When you send me your email inquiring about ordering a vibe and we communicate to fit you into the next available open build/run slot, you would place your order and it will go into that build/run work queue and secure your slot.

   Currently customer orders are running about a month ahead of their build/run slots (because of high demand) and they are pre-paying in advance to secure their slot in the next available build/run. After your order is placed it will enter the work queue and requires 30 days to build and ship the pedal.



The End Is In Sight
Advisory Notice

Classic Vibe and Vibe-Baby production to come to an end...

   IF you have been waiting/hesitating to buy one of my Classic Vibe or Vibe-Baby pedals, or perhaps you bought one and want another for backup or spare, you will need to "get on it" sooner than later.

   This March 2018 I got the bad news that the manufacturer who was making my photocells has stopped production without prior notice (to me). It's a RoHS thing restricting Cadmium from import/export and unfortunately the photocells used in quality vibes are made with Cadmium, we all knew it was comming so it was no surprise.

   I was able to make a final last time purchase of several hundred and have enough to make another 150 more vibe pedals, but when my supply of photocells is exhausted I will stop making the Classic Vibe and Vibe-Baby pedals. Although that will seem to be a sad day at the shop, I have to say it's been a good run and I'm quite happy I've made hundreds of the best possible vibes for people, and for myself. There is an old saying that seems appropriate now: Dont cry because it's over, be happy because it happened.

I will post another advisory when we're down to the last few vibes, and of course when we're finally out of photocells.


Retirement Countdown ...tic-tic-tic...

   I'm 59 years old this year (2018) and my wife and I plan to retire in five years (2023) so IF you plan to buy anything from us, or get equipment serviced by us please keep this countdown timeline in mind as we will be ramping-down (everything) as we move into that last year. Don't wait until the last minute peeps.







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