These are the most frequently asked questions we get about ordering from us. I have posted these questions and answers here as it saves me from re-typing all this stuff over and over answering email questions.


Q:  "Ok I want to buy, is it in stock and ready-to-ship?"

A:   No, everything is made to order, we have no stock.

Classic Amplification is a bespoke business, when you order and pay, then we build and ship. The time-to-ship is normally between 7-30 days from order to ship.



Q:  "I need one right away can I get express service and immediate shipping?"

A:   We run a "work queue" system, all pedals, pickups, amplifier orders, and repair jobs are scheduled in the order they arrive. We can't really "bump" you forward without bumping someone else backward and since orders are paid in advance it just wouldn't be right.

We have in the past made some exceptions for high-profile (professional) customers but that is always done by working out the tour dates in advance so we can adjust our work and staff accordingly. If you have an upcomming gig requirements please take into account our work flow timeline and place your order accordingly. If you are a professional musician touring please contact us directly with your needs and tour dates.



Q:  "Can you under-declare the value on my customs form to save me some money on import duty?""

A:   No, sorry.



Q:  "I don't see where to place a custom order, how do I do that?"

A:   Easy, just send me an email and we can discuss your needs, then I can send you a custom PayPal invoice.



Q:  "I don't have a credit card or PayPal account, how can I buy?"

A:   We can accept internet payments only through PayPal currently. We cannot accept Checks or Money Orders. Local customers can pay cash if they wish.



Q:  "I'm an international customer, can I order and have you send it to my friend/relative/broker in the USA to save on international shipping?"

A:    Yes.

You will need to make the alternate address very clear when you order, I suggest adding the information in the note to seller box during PayPal checkout, and also sending me an email with the alternate address.






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