We now require a 60 day
window of time
to build and ship anything.



Price Increase for 2021
(posted July 26th 2021

We had to take a long hard look over our books ($) and since the
pandemic, and lack of sales that followed in it's wake, the figures
indicate things are not likely sustainable at this rate, so deciding
the best way to keep going will be to raise some prices now.

It's nesessary to move forward.

Classic Amplification has not had a price increase since 2014, so it's
probably over-due, and the time for an increase has now come.

We hope we can all recover economically from the pandemic
and hope for a bright, and wonderful future for all.




Production Ending

(posted July 26th 2021


I promised in 2017 that I would post another notice when the time
has come near to ending production of our Vibe-Baby CV-2TM pedals,
and that time has now come.

After July 05th 2021 only seventeen (17) more
Vibe-Baby CV-2TM pedals will be made.

When these last few are gone, there will be no more made by
Classic Amplification.

If you have ever been wanting a Vibe-Baby CV-2TM pedal
now is the time to order yours.


Our Classic Vibe CV-2TM pedals will continue to be available for a while.




June 30th 2021


Since the pandemic started in March 2020, by proclamation of the governor of Washington state, all "non essential" businesses were ordered to close until the emergency proclamation is lifted. On June 30th 2021 the proclamation was lifted and all non-essential businesses can resume.

Unfortunately after 16 months of very few sales, it is only me in the shop now doing everything, I have no help (people) now so the production is slow compared to pre-pandemic times.

To keep the business alive, any (and all) sales income goes back into the business just to keep the doors open, I draw no salary (or lunch money) until business returns to a pre-pandemic level, or we close up shop, or we retire, whichever comes first.

I'm posting this so customers will know that things are not the same at Classic Amplification post-pandemic, please be advised.






My wife and I plan to retire in 2023


If you plan on buying our stuff or getting your equipment serviced, please keep this in mind as we move into the last part of 2022 when we will stop taking on any new orders/jobs.




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