Corona Virus COVID-19 Update:


We are currently open, filling orders, and taking new orders,
turn-around time is just a little longer than normal.


To ensure our mutual safetly, we are disinfecting all incomming parts and supplies before admittance into our shop and use in our products. We're thoroughly cleaning all outgoing products with disinfectant wipes prior to packaging, and shipping.


Classic Amplification takes this COVID-19 virus pandemic very seriously practicing social distancing, we're sheltering in place, washing hands and mutual contact surfaces often and applying our due dilligance to ensure our mutual health and well being.


We hope for all our customers and friends to be safe and well, working together we will overcome the COVID-19 pandemic!

Brad & Anne Burt


We have 18v power packs available

After testing dozens of switchmode power packs we finally found a source for units that work without the common noise problems. These are high quality units for worldwide 120V-240V mains and 18V-1A output

$27.50 +shipping




Taking Orders via Email Now

   I'm now taking orders via email so I can have better control over my work queue, time, and scheduling. Please send me an email if you want to order anything.


All orders require a 30 day window of time to build and ship.



End Of Vibe Production Comming
Advisory Notice

Classic Vibe and Vibe-Baby production will be comming to an end, so if you have been waiting to buy one of my Classic Vibe or Vibe-Baby pedals, or perhaps you bought one and want another for backup or spare, you will need to place your order soon.

   In March 2018 I got the news that the manufacturer of the photo cells we use has stopped production, it's a RoHS thing restricting Cadmium for import/export and the photo cells used in vintage and high quality vibes are made with Cadmium, we all knew it was comming so it was no surprise.

I have enough photo cells to build several more pedals, and when we're down to the last few I will update this advisory, and of course a final notice when we're out of the superb photo cells and stopping production.



Retirement Countdown


   My wife and I plan to retire in 2023, so if you plan on buying anything from us, or getting equipment serviced by us, please keep this timeline in mind as we move into the last year.



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