We are open for business
January 10th 2022
October 2022


I am currently running late in my work queue, I was sick last month
for nearly 3 weeks (not Covid) so I'm running well behind, and working
hard now to catch up. Please be patient all orders will ship soon.



Countdown To Retirement
Has Started

My wife and I will retire
at the end of this year 2022



If you plan on doing business with us this year, please be aware that October 28th 2022 will be the last window of opportunity to place an order with us or have us service your gear for the year.

In 2023 we will only be open from January 5th 2023 through the end of February 28th 2023, which will be the last opportunity to place an order or have us service your gear in the USA.   Later that Summer/Fall we will be moving to Scotland where I plan to resume making pickups and doing service work on a very limited basis. I don't plan to make any more vibe pedals after February 2023.




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