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Burt Systems LLC (dba; Classic Amplification) is a small family owned and operated business providing custom bespoke items and services. We reserve the right to accept or decline item sales or services and the right to cancel sales or service orders at our discression. Information on this website including product specifications, available services, pricing, availability, and delivery schedules may be changed or updated without notice.


Initial 30 Day Warranty

If a product is found to be defective upon delivery our initial 30-day warranty is repair or replacement (at our discression), unconditionally within 30 days of delivery. Customer is responsible for shipping.


Limited Lifetime Warranty

Beyond the initial 30-day period Classic Amplification offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on our products which covers 100% labor costs for the original purchaser, after the intitial 30-day period parts are not covered under this warranty. Customer is responsible for shipping.

Our Limited Lifetime Warranty is offered only to original purchaser and is not transferrable. In the event an original purchaser sells their item to a another party, the warranty expires and becomes void at that time. In the event of a original purchaser selling to a third party who returns it to the original purchaser who then asks for warranty repairs warrany service will be refused and regular shop rates will apply.

Our warranty does not cover shipping costs, product appearance or damages caused by accident, abuse, alteration, misuse, or shipping carrier. In the event of shipping damage customer must file their claim(s) with the shipping company, Classic Amplification is not responsible for shipping damage. Items returned for service/repair which exibit these signs will not be covered under our Limited Lifetime Warranty. Shipping a defective product it must be well packed, we prefer you ship via USPS Priority if possible.


Opening the enclosure (shell/chassis) of our products or any disassembling/dismantling to access the internals/insides voids our Initial 30 Day Warranty our Limited Lifetime Warranty and our 15 day return for refund policy.



We currently accept payment through PayPal for online purchases. Payment is normally required before we ship or deliver anything unless other arrangements have been made at the time or the order or service request. Classic Amplifcation does not offer any financing or payment plans.

Pickup rewinds must be paid after the rewind service, when they are ready to ship we will send you a PayPal invoice at that time and return ship when the invoice is paid.

Custom orders, Pickups, and Effects Pedals are payed in full including shipping at the time of the order is placed unless other arrangements are made at the time of order.

Equipment repairs, including vintage equipment may require payment at time of service order.

Amplifiers can be commissioned with a $500.00 down payment, the remainder must be paid in full before shipment or delivery. Commission down-payments may be refunded if your commission/order is cancelled within 30 days of placing the commission/order. When the amplifier is finished and ready to ship, the customer will be notified it's time to complete the payment which is due within 30 days of the finish notification. If gone un-paid more than 30-days after completion the amplifier may be made available to other buyers at which time the initial commission is not refundable.



We do not incorporate an amazon.com business model regarding shipping as we are small company and cannot offer free shipping therefore shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer/purchaser.

Our shipping cost is calculated by size/weight for the carrier, our packaging materials, and customs paperwork which requires a trip to the post office for us, Classic Amplification does not charge a handling fee or profit on bloated shipping charges.



All repairs must have an RRN number.
(Return for Repair Number)

Our electronics are built with highest quality craftsmanship and materials and are designed to give years of great sound and reliable operation. In the unlikely event that your Classic Amplification product needs service work we will repair or replace, at our discretion, any defective workmanship, materials, or parts, on all Classic Amplification electronics items warranted for the original purchaser.

Repairs on items for customers who did not purchase from Classic Amplification (non-original purchasers) will not be covered under our Limited Lifetime Warrany but we may offer repair services at regular shop rates at our own discretion.

Before sending in a product for repair, contact us so we can issue you an RRN number for the service request. Warranty does not cover shipping costs on repairs. Please allow for 4 weeks for warranty service. Items sent for repairs without a RRN will not be serviced with the single exception of customers having made prior arrangements for service.


Return For Refund

Products can be returned for refund within 15 days of taking delivery, after 15 days products may only be returned for repair service.

Refunds are limited to the price of the product minus a $25 re-stock fee, this re-stocking fee exists because as we are not a merchandise retailer and have no path to sell or otherwise liquidate used gear, and returned gear cannot be re-sold as new, so we are left with used gear to sell at a loss so we have established this very small re-stocking fee to help offset return losses.

All returns must have a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. The RMA number can be obtained by contacting Classic Amplification within the 15 day return period. Goods returned without an RMA will not be accepted for refund unless other arrangements have been made. When an RMA number is issued the item to be returned must be shipped within the 15 day return period. If you are purchasing a product or service from us as a gift for another, please contact us prior to placing your order so we can arrange a special warranty extension which would effectively start at the time the gift is given.


Products returned for refund must be in un-altered and un-blemished condition with all pieces and accessories included as were shipped initially. Opening or dismantling the product in any way (*) specifically but not limited to opening the enclosure, shell, chassis, covers of our Effects and Instrument Pickup products absolutely voids our Return For Refund policy and no refund will be issued in which case the customer will be responsible for return shipping.

Upon receipt of a returned item, we will inspect the returned item and notify you of the inspection result and your refund will be issued within 30 days.

Many of our electronics products are now being shipped with holographic security labels sealing the back covers/panels in place. Refunds are contingent upon the integrity of the security label and is non-negotiable. If the labels are tampered with in any way, including but not limited to removal, broken, cut, dislodged, peeled back and replaced, or in otherwise changed state as when applied in our shop, the Return For Refund policy is void, and no refund will be issued. Products purchased for demo, video, or comparison "shootouts" are not eligable for return, or refund without prior consent of Classic Amplification.

Shipping is provided by service providers such as USPS, UPS, and FedEx. Classic Amplification does not offer free shipping or free return shipping. Funds collected by us for shipping go directly to the shipping service providers none of which make any provision for the refunding of shipping funds in the event a customer decides to return a product/item, therefore we cannot refund your shipping costs.


PayPal Claim/Dispute Resolution

As part of PayPal's terms and conditions for doing business, we are obligated to abide by their claim/dispute resolution process. The parameters described by PayPal regarding claim/dispute process is an all-or-nothing process where a claimant gets their complete purchase amount (plus shipping) or the claim/dispute is denied and they get nothing.

In the event a PayPal claim/dispute is filed for a return for refund action, we abide by the decision of PayPal's claim resolution department. Filing a PayPal return for refund claim invokes PayPal's own refund policys which supercedes our return for refund policy thereby making our return for refund offer void. After a PayPal return for refund claim/dispute event is concluded it is final. We are not obligated to re-extend our return for refund offer in the event such claim/dispute is decided in our favor against the claimant, but we may do so at our own sole discretion.

In the event a PayPal claim/dispute is filed regarding payment for services rendered the resolution is final and we abide by the decision of PayPal's claim resolution department.


Used Gear Trade-in

We don't have a "trade-in" or "Upgrade" program as we have no path to sell or otherwise liquidate used gear.


Regarding other gear (not our own brands) if you have something one of our peeps might want we have in the past offered special deals so yeah, if you have something cool to offer email us, it sure doesn't hurt to ask.


Trademarks & Intellectual Property

By purchasing products or services from Burt Systems LLC (dba: Classic Amplification) you agree to recognise and abide by our rights under international trademark and intellectual property laws. The exclusive and wholly owned property rights of Burt Systems LLC (dba: Classic Amplification) including the following:

Classic-VibeTM, Classic Vibe CV-2TM, Vibe-BabyTM, Vibe-Baby CV-2TM, Forum-VibeTM, Forum VibeTM, Classic M18TM, Classic C18TM, Classic M50TM, Classic C50TM, Classic M100TM, Classic C100TM, Classic FuzzTM, Classic-FuzzTM, Classic Rock HumbuckerTM, Classic StratTM, Classic TeleTM, Classic-P 90,Classic Rick, Classic Rick RB74BTM, Classic Rick RB74B-5TM, Classic Rick 4004TTM, Classic Rick RB76NTM, Classic Rick RB-C64TM, Classic-TATM, Classic-TCTM

and our other trademark names, layouts, and circuits. No purchase of our products or services implies or grants permission to reproduce our products or intellectual properties in any way. Further, we reserve the right to bring legal action against anyone who tries to reverse engineer, reproduce for personal use or business use, or document or reproduce our products, layouts, curcuit boards, or any of our intellectual properties. Purchasing products or services from Burt Systems LLC (dba: Classic Amplification) carries limited end-user rights which do not imply ownership or disposition of the designs, layouts, schematics therein. Purchasers, or their agents or representatives agree to fully understand and abide by restrictions of intellectual property, copyright, trademark laws and purchaser understands they cannot lawfully reverse-engineer, or borrow in full, or in part, any of our proprietary layouts, schematics, modular concepts or implemenations, and part values present in any of our PCBs, repairs, assemblies, or full products. Burt Systems LLC (dba: Classic Amplification) reserves all rights to our intellectual properties and out products, there is no provision for end user ownership or transfer of property rights.


Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is quite simply that we do not share our customer data with other companies for compensation or profit. When requesting information or placing an order with Classic Amplification our customers can be assured of confidentiality.


In the event of a business, PayPal, or legal dispute, litigation, or arbitration, we may be asked to provide facts or other evidence regarding the content of the dispute which may include mutual communications including relevant emails between parties.


Use Of Website

As a website user or viewer you are authorized only to view, copy, print, and distribute documents sourced from, or created from, this website so long as both of these conditions are met and present:

(1) The document or portion thereof is used for informational purposes only
(2) The document or portion thereof includes the following copyright notice:
     "Copyright © Burt Systems LLC (dba: Classic Amplification) - All Rights Reserved"


Legal Dispute & Litigation

Commissioning or purchasing any work or service or purchasing any goods from Burt Systems LLC (dba: Classic Amplification) the customer whether in person or through an agent or representative or other 3rd party (herby known collectively as "the customer") agrees to resolve any legal disputeor or other legal matters which may arise in the jurisdiction of King County in the State of Washington in the United States of America where Burt Systems LLC (dba: Classic Amplification) are located, licenced and registered, and agree to consent to any necessary change of venue that might be required to relocate any legal proceedings of any kind to be processed and remedied in said jurisdiction. The customer agrees to mandatory, binding arbitration (“Arbitration”) of any and all claims that are not resolved in Mediation. The customer agrees that the laws of the State of Washington where Burt Systems LLC (dba: Classic Amplification) business is licensed and registered will be the governing law in the event of any litigation, and both parties shall consent to the jurisdiction of said State's courts. Both parties expressly waive a trial by jury. In the event of diversity of citizenship the United States District Court for the (District).




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