Aftermarket Pickups Covers

Very soon we will be contacting our customers
who missed out when we closed back in July,
about taking their new Pickup orders.

$18.00 -USD + shipping
Comes with baseplate and 4 screws


Send us an email
to purchase covers.



About That Old Pickup Height Problem...


Many 4001 and 4003 players find they have trouble getting the neck pickup close enough to the strings for best tone and output.

While grinding off the screw heads does allows some additional height (1/16" or so) the grinding operation can damage the pickup so we don't recommend this.

Ground-down screw heads on an OEM cover


Fortunately that whole height problem thing goes away when using our aftermarket covers.

You can see the difference in height in the picture below as these covers are taller by nearly 1/8" (~3mm) than an OEM cover allowing the pickup core to be adjusted closer to the strings:

Our aftermarket replacement pickup covers function and look very nice and do not alter your tone. The top/front lip on these is slightly wider than the lip of an OEM open-cover which offers slightly better shielding. You re-use your original (2) pickguard mounting screws/nuts that came with your instrument.

NOTE: These aftermarket pickup covers have slightly tighter corners than an OEM cover so occasionally some minor filing in the unside corners of the pickguard cutout may be needed with a 1/4" Round file (maybe 1-in-20 people).



Starting June 4, 2014 we are no longer
able to offer our own Classic-T covers

because of legal issues with RIC®


If you want our Classic RickTM pickups
in Toaster covers, we can only install
our pickup core into your
OEM toaster covers.


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