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These pickups are not for traditionalists or purists, if you are one of those you should move on along there is nothing for you on this webpage.

The pickups shown on this webpage are for those who want alternative pickups not normally associated with the intruments standard equipment. As shown below many things are possible so keep in mind that you are not always trapped into the stock pickup configuration on your instrument.





This Classic Rick set was built for a customer in 2012, the high output treble pickup under a "Bart" style cover:






This set was built for a customer in Japan who plays a RIC® in a metal band, he said he has a agressive playing style that requires resting his thumb on the bridge pickup's edge so I made an aluminum support bracket to rest the thumb on, and we used a Firebird cover to protect the pickup





This set was built for a customer who has a white Thunderbird bass with all black hardware, he wanted some Classic Rick tone out of it so I made this set for him which have my Classic Rick pickup cores under those custom made covers:





Another customer, a luthier in Germany building a 5-string bass said his customer required Rick type pickups with chrome covers, but since there are no (decent) chrome covers currently being made for a Ric bridge pickups we decided on using these chrome Thunderbird covers which have my Classic Rick cores inside:





I developed this set for Josh at Parkin Guitars in Japan, who wanted some pickups with Fender tones for a particular Rick'ish build he was doing, internally these pickups are exactly like a Fender single coil pickups and Josh chose Formvar wire and alnico poles:

Staggered AlNiCo poles to match neck radius





I made a similar set for a friend who wanted pickups like those I made for Josh, but wanted them all straight up-n-down vertically but still wanted the angled bridge pickup tone like Tele/Strat:





I made a set of Classic Rick 4004 pickups I call "Black-outs" for a customer who had an all-black 4004:


I also made a set of Classic Rick "Black-outs" for an all black 4003:





One customer asked me if I could make a real 5 string bass toaster so I made him this true 5 string bass toaster:





This is a "sidewinder" humbucking pickup with end-blades built into a toaster cover, very highly out-performs an (OEM) RIC humbucker:





These are my "dual blade" humbuckers with C8 magnets installed under a toaster covers, these highly out-perform (OEM) RIC humbuckers.

With arced radius blades


Flat blades in Black Stealth finish




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