Classic Humbuckers

At Classic Amplification we wind your pickups to suit your needs, more tone, less hype. Build options include matched or offset coils, and pickup sets can be matched or offset as well, and purchased with or without covers. When you order, please communicate with us about your desired tone, and your instrument's character, and the gear you use. In this way we can best get you toward your tone goal.

with chrome or nickel covers

or without covers

Patent-Applied-For style
(Shown above in BONE, can be ordered in BLACK, WHITE, and BLACK & WHITE)



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* If you require any special options, send me an email after you order describing your requirements.
* Be sure you provide a valid email address so we can communicate with you about your order.
* Ship time is normally within 7 to 21 days from the time your order is placed into our work queue.


Patent-Applied-For set




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