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Speck M72 Console

Late in 2008, I'd been quite busy with a studio upgrade job on a Speck M72 mixing console which needed both expansion (32 Microphone preamp boards) and a re-cap job. (72 channels @ 10 caps/channel plus mains and effects)

Here is a picture of the M72 console, the rack next to it has been pulled away from it's location for cabling-up that 48 track Tascam you can see there...


Built-in Mic Preamps

Since I had to make new circuit boards for these mic-pre's anyway and a goal of the project was an upgrade, so the owner decided to use these nice Jensen JT-115K-E mic input transformers at $90/ea

The original manufacturer (Speck) has not produced these for a some years now, so I had to make new microphone preamp circuit boards for the console. Here is a picture of an original Speck mic-preamp board:

The original mic-pre's used SESCOM transformers which are no longer made, carbon film resistors, and electrolytic capacitors made by Illinois Capacitor Co. The following picture is my Classic Amplification version of the mic preamp board:

I used Nichicon "Muse" electrolytics, Panasonic and Wima film caps, Metal-film resistors, added on-board phantom power support while I was at it. Here is the first batch of boards ready to install:


Here you can see some of the mic-pre boards mounted on a twenty-four batch of the 32 primary channel strips:

After the preamp boards were built and mounted on each channel strip a re-cap job of over 700 capacitors was completed.



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